Athlete of the Month: Brooke Proffitt

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April 16, 2024
Athlete of the Month: Brooke Proffitt

Coach's Remarks: Brooke is one of my hardest working athletes and is a always a pleasure to work with and see her progress. Recently I had a conversation with one of my athletes about reaching their goals and accomplishing "big things". I firmly believe to achieve worthwhile goals - you don't "try" or "give it shot" you simply "get it done". Brooke truly embodies this idea of "getting it done" in training, at work, and in life.

Weight class: 69kgHeight: 5'7”Started Weightlifting/CrossFit? Weightlifting- May 2017How did you get involved in weightlifting/CrossFit? Personal interest in learning the sport!Most exciting moment so far in weightlifting/CrossFit: PRing my clean and jerk in my first and only meet!Favorite Competition Lift: Clean and JerkFavorite Training Lift: Hang AnythingPersonal Goals: Build Strong LegsFavorite Book: Love DoesFavorite TV Show or Movie: The OfficeFavorite Song: I'm a music junkie- I could never pick oneHobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: All the family time, all the outdoor activities, learning SpanishMost people don’t know that I… Lived in Spain for 6 months

Two Truths and One Lie: I was an award winning flutist, I've lived in four states, I've rode on an elephant

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