Success in Coaching Weightlifting

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April 16, 2024
Success in Coaching Weightlifting

There is no magic formula for success in coaching weightlifting. But there a five pieces that need mastered to be successful.

1. Technique

As a coach you need to have a solid mastery of lifting technique. The snatch, clean, and jerk are some of the most intricate barbell movements. Knowledge of technique goes far beyond just knowing how the bar path should look. The most important part as a coach is knowledge of correcting and teaching technique. Can you look at someone doing the lifts and give them one simple thing to do or focus that will improve their technique? How good of a coach you are is not measured by your knowledge of technique and movement but by your ability to communicate and improve your athletes technique and movement. One of the smartest people I know told me, "I can tell if someone knows a particular subject very well, if they can break it down into simple terms and explain it to anyone."Beyond just direct feedback to improve the lifts, coaches need to identify corrective exercises and weak areas that can help the athlete improve. These then need to be incorporated into the athletes programming.

2. Programming

Coaches need to have a solid understanding of proper programming and planning for weightlifting. An applied knowledge of periodization is necessary to developed successful weightlifters.The biggest thing I learned in regards to programming and planning is that different people respond to different things. You need to understand the basics but you have to be willing to work with your athletes to see what works best and what they respond to, both physically and mentally.

3. Psychology

Understanding some amount of psychology relating to each lifter is very important. Some athletes need to lift heavy weights very close to to feel mentally and physically ready. Some athletes need to go light leading up to big competitions and they perform and feel better.Motivation is key factor when coaching individuals in weightlifting. Some athletes like to be yelled at before big lifts. Some athletes just want complete silence. Get to know your athletes and what motivates them on a short-term and long-term basis.

4. Goals

Goals and goal setting are the single most important and underrated area of coaching. The old adage holds, "failing to plan is planning to fail". Working with athletes to set, reset, and keep goals is a very good use of time. And not just any little goals set big goals. If you don't set big goals you surely won't achieve big things!In the past year, this is one area as a coach I have worked to improve upon. A couple years back I looked at the National Qualifying Totals. Now I look right to the American Records and to what is being done in International competition. World champions didn't set goals of merely being a National Champion; they dreamed big, planned and performed accordingly.

5. Caring

Another underrated aspect of coaching is caring. You have to genuinely care for your athletes as people. You have to be interested and invested in them and their life-long success. This will allow your athletes to trust your coaching and then in turn just focus on performing.

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