Recovery Methods for Weightlifting

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April 16, 2024
Recovery Methods for Weightlifting

Often times the word recovery is thrown around and athletes are told to spend time on recovery and recovering. But what does that mean?

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The Basics First

  1. Sleep - 6-8 hours per night and a short nap in the middle of the day is ideal
  2. Nutrition - You can't expect your body to recover properly if you don't give it the proper fuel it needs. Pay particular attention to make sure you are getting enough protein.
  3. Stress - Manage your life's stresses so they do not reach a point that effects your body's ability to recover
  4. Technique- if your technique in weightlifting and strength movements are not perfect then your body will need additional recovery due to inappropriate movement patterns, compensation, and asymmetries.
  5. Training Volume- Make sure your overall training volume is appropriate for your age both biological and training. It takes time to increase your body's work capacity. Volume is a double edged sword, too little and you make less progress (technique and strength), too much and you get injured or overtrained.

More Advanced Recovery Tools/Modalities (in no particular order)

The more experience I get with various different advanced recovery methods, the more I see there is no silver bullet. There are certain methods that work best for certain people, certain body parts, and certain situations. One key takeaway I see is that over time each method becomes less effective as your body adapts. In future articles, I will detail my thoughts on some of these advanced tools/modalities. Let me know if there are any particular ones you want to hear more about!

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