Building an Olympic Weightlifting Platform

Sun, 20 May 2018 20:53:46 +0000
April 16, 2024
Building an Olympic Weightlifting Platform

Here is my preferred way to build an 8'x8' olympic weightlifting platform! These plans can be modified to make a 6'x8' platform by cutting wood from 8' to 6'.These plans makes use of 1.5" Rogue Squares which reduce noise, vibration and damage to underlying concrete which is especially important in your home vs. just using 3/4" tractor/stall mats. The plans also cut the center wood down to 3' so the bar will almost always land on the rubber - if you leave the center plywood 4 feet wide - the bar (especially the 15kg bar) will end up being dropped on the wood frequently.Materials/Equipment

Cut (have Home Depot or other Hardware Store cut for you - so much easier)


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