Ideal Weight Class for Weightlifting

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April 16, 2024
Ideal Weight Class for Weightlifting

I am frequently asked about ideal weight class. Typically I point people to this article written by Bob Takano. The article presents great information from Leslie Musser’s master’s thesis where the female subjects were competitors at the 2009 Pan American Weightlifting Championships. The male lifters ideal height ranges were calculated using linear interpolation of Robert Roman’s data by Shaun LeConte .For this short article I converted the data to feet and inches for American lifters to easily understand.If anyone has data from a more recent World Championships or Olympics Games I would be happy to analyze and check for any notable changes.


MenMean HeightStandard Deviation (inches)56 kg4 feet 11 inches1.262 kg5 feet 1.5 inches1.069 kg5 feet 4 inches0.877 kg5 feet 5 inches0.885 kg5 feet 6.5 inches0.894 kg5 feet 8 inches0.8105 kg5 feet 9 inches0.8105+ kg6 feet 1 inches2.4WomenMean Height (feet and inches)Standard Deviation (inches)Minimum (feet and inches)Maximum (feet and inches)484 feet 10.5 inches2.04 feet 7 inches5 feet535 feet1.14 feet 10.5 inches5 feet 1 inch585 foot 1 inches1.24 feet 11 inches5 feet 2.5 inches635 feet 2 inches1.84 feet 11 inches5 feet 4 inches695 feet 3.5 inches1.65 feet5 feet 4.5 inches755 feet 4 inches1.45 feet 2.5 inches5 feet 6 inches

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