Quick Weightlifting Tips

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June 13, 2022
Quick Weightlifting Tips

Here are some short weightlifting tips regarding shoes, straps, bars, bumper plates, nutrition, supplements, and hand care.

Weightlifting Shoes

I prefer either the Adidas Adipower or Nike Romaleos shoes. The Nikes are better for those with wider feet and Adidas for those with narrower feet. I recently tried the Anta weightlifting shoes, overall it is a well built shoe but ultimately the heel was too high for me and I switched back to the Nikes after having some Quad tightness issues.Some of my lifters with ankle flexibility issues purchase heel inserts for their shoes.


I find straps very helpful for pulls (RDLs, deadlifts and pulls) and for higher rep block/hang snatches. I recommend the blue straps from Werksan or smaller nylon straps made from climbing webbing.

Bars and Bumpers

For high quality lifting bars I recommend either Werksan or Eleiko bars. My Werksan bar looks and performs like the day it was opened over nine years ago. I have lifted on many Eleiko bars and I recommend them without any hesitation.I recently purchased a Womens DHS Training Bar and a Mens Rogue Olympic Lifting Bar. I highly recommend both of these bars if you want a middle-priced bar. I have had both for less than a year but so far so good.Uesaka bars and especially the bumpers are extremely durable and well made; they are currently used at the OTC and have held up very well over years of heavy usage, but they are pricey. They still have bumpers going strong from 1996 Atlanta Olympic.

Nutrition Tips

I use and recommend Renaissance Periodization for nutrition plans and diet templates.


Hand Care

Make sure you keep your calluses filed flat! I recommend a cheese grater type file. Always file after a long shower or bath when your hands are soft! After filing I recommend using some sort of moisturizer, salve, or lotion such as Burt's Bees Hand Salve or Coconut Oil.

Hand File

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