Athlete of the Month: Erik Gary

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April 16, 2024
Athlete of the Month: Erik Gary

Coach's Remarks: I have worked with Erik for over a year now. When he first started with me, I had doubts about his ability to become a solid weightlifter, but over the past year he has developed into a very capable weightlifter from his technique, to his strength, to his organization and work effort. Nice work Erik!One thing Erik does better than anyone else I coach is thoroughly reporting his progress and weights lifted for every single week. Erik is an Engineer by degree so this is very fitting, my only other athlete who comes close to Erik is an accountant so that would be fitting also!

Weight class: 77kgHeight: 5’7”Started Weightlifting/CrossFit? 2014 for CrossFit but moved to Weightlifting 2016 full time How did you get involved in weightlifting/CrossFit? I moved to Delaware. I didn't know anyone and wanted to continue to workout so I tried CrossFit at CrossFit Riverfront. Made the switch to Weightlifting after receiving my USAW membership at the very end of 2015. Most exciting moment so far in weightlifting/CrossFit: Going 6/6 in my second meet (first one that I actually trained for). After that I really began to think I could become a solid Weightlifting athlete. Favorite Competition Lift: C&J Favorite Training Lift: snatch Personal Goals: Qualify for American open championship and senior nationals before I become a masters athlete (aka old)Favorite Book: The AlchemistFavorite TV Show or Movie: Game of Thrones obviously Favorite Song: favorite band is Coldplay Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: golfing Most people don’t know that… my favorite dog is a chihuahua Two Truths and One Lie:My sister introduced me to CrossFit I've traveled over seasI've broken my arm 3 times

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