Athlete of the Month: Shannon McNames

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April 16, 2024
Athlete of the Month: Shannon McNames

Coach's Remarks:

I have worked with Shannon for a year and four months now. In this short time she has medaled at three national events, set and briefly held an University American Record, been an alternate on the University World Team, and her current total is 4kg under the current Junior American Record (a Record that has been pushed up ~10kg in the past 12 months by two of the best youth/junior 48kg lifters in US history).Besides her exceptional accomplishments, Shannon always works hard inside and outside the gym. She does an exceptional job completing all of her assigned weightlifting training and she works just as hard in the classroom at West Chester University,  this is shown by her extremely high GPA! Her hard work inside and outside the gym is a great example and provides a great example that many of her younger teammates look up to.Weight class: 48kgHeight: 4ft 11Started Weightlifting?  I started CrossFit in 2014 and lifting in 2015. How did you get involved in weightlifting? I got involved in Weightlifting after doing CrossFit for a year at Crossfit Riverfront when Ryan stalked me when I dropped into CFWC. Most exciting moment so far in weightlifting:  My favorite moment in Weightlifting so far was training at the Olympic Training Center. Favorite Competition Lift: SnatchesFavorite Training Lift: SnatchesPersonal Goals:

Favorite Book:  Ain't nobody got time for that Favorite TV Show or Movie: Greys Anatomy & Orange is the New BlackFavorite Song:  Don't really have a favorite I listen to pretty much everything. Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: Eating as much froyo as possible in one sitting Most people don’t know that... I went to military high school Two Truths and One Lie:

  1. I'm a twin
  2. My parents are musicians
  3. My boyfriends in the military

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