Athlete of the Month: Dennis Kerstetter

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June 13, 2022
Athlete of the Month: Dennis Kerstetter

Coach's Remarks: I have worked with Dennis for only a couple months now. When he first started with me, I knew he would be a solid weightlifter - he was strong, hard-working, and willing to accept technical feedback. Not much more you can ask for, from of a weightlifter!I can always count on Dennis to give 100% every rep, every set, and every workout. Excited to see his progress over the coming months and years!

Weight class: 85kgHeight: 5’9”Started Weightlifting/CrossFit? About 1 year ago

How did you get involved in weightlifting/CrossFit? Always have done Cleans as part of strength and Conditioning (both as a player and a coach), so I decided to fully take part in the sport especially since my playing days were over

Most exciting moment so far in weightlifting/CrossFit: Hitting 145 for a triple on jerks, jerk is my hardest lift to get a grasp on so hitting that was a big step upFavorite Competition Lift: C&JFavorite Training Lift: CleansPersonal Goals: To qualify for AO and eventually nationals!Favorite Book: Any Spider-Man or Deadpool comic bookFavorite TV Show or Movie: Ace Ventura - When nature callsFavorite Song: Too many to listHobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: Playing with my dogs and hanging with my wifeMost people don’t know that… Am fluent in sign language

Two Truths and One Lie: I auditoned for the voice and made it pretty far, I am originally from Texas, I have won a championship as both a coach and player

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