Ryan Marciniszyn

Ryan Marciniszyn


Snatch: 110kg, Clean and Jerk: 130kg


USA Weightlifting Level 3 National Coach, USA Weightlifting Coaching Course Instructor, Coached Athletes at over 20 National and International Events

About Coach

Growing up I played a variety sports before finding wrestling in high school. Through wrestling I became interested in weightlifting and began competing in weightlifting in college. Since then I've grown to love weightlifting and the fact that it can be a sport for people of all ages. Now I want to share that love of weightlifting with those I coach!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

Coaching is my passion and why I started West Chester Weightlifting! I get up everyday excited to come in help everyone get stronger. I particularly enjoy working with all athletes who are committed to the long term process. My two favorite age groups to work with our Masters and Youth.

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