Morgan Wagner

Morgan Wagner

Assistant Coach

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

snatch: 74kg

clean and jerk: 94kg

front squat: 115kg


About Coach

I have been lifting for 7 years, and have represented Team USA twice internationally. My experience in this sport has allowed me to gain more perspective on different coaching environments, and how to handle high-stress situations. Lifting has taught me that

Turning Point

I think that the most influential “turning point” in my life would be when I started lifting. I had played numerous different sports before I got into lifting, but never really felt like they were meant for me. The solitude of lifting is what set it apart from other sports. The equally challenging mental aspect of the sport is completely unique to lifting and forced me to trust my body and mind connection.

Motivation & Passion

I coach because I love this sport, and want to help others find their love for it as well. As a young girl, learning olympic weightlifting helped me gain trust and confidence in my body, which, I think, heavily benefitted the relationship I have with myself today. As a coach, I strive to help others learn the sport in the way that best works for their lifestyle.

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