Maeva Rulis

Maeva Rulis

Assistant Coach

Squat: 125kg (275lbs)


About Coach

My parents met in a gym and from then on I was raised by two gym rats. I’ve always been in the athletic sphere, and spent many of my childhood days watching crossfit classes. So, when I was 10 I tried out weightlifting and since then its been my sport. Since then, Ive been to over 5 national events to compete in weightlifting and am at the gym 5 days a week, trying to better myself.

Turning Point

Anyone who has seen me lift knows Im all mental. The reason why I dont reach goals is my mental state. A turning point in this mental struggle was after bombing out, missing almost all my lifts, at nationals. I felt like I embarrassed both myself and my coach, that the trip was a waste and my work was a waste. After many tears and thinking, I knew I couldnt stop. I couldnt let my mind win. So I came back as soon as my plane landed, put my head down, and got to work. Every day can be a mental battle but you win through consistency and the bravery to show up.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to spread the joy that weightlifting gives me. I love uplifting lifters and sharing the mental insight Ive learned over the years.

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