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April 16, 2024

What is ownership as it relates to weightlifting and life and why is it important?

Everyone is always happy to own their successes, but what about their failure. Owning your failures can be difficult but that is it what it takes to be successful and reach your goals. So you had a competition and it didn't go how you planned or hoped, now what?

Go back and look at your training. Did you come to every training session with focus and purpose? Did you ask your coach any questions you had or did you ignore injuries instead of working with your coach and PTs? Did you work on mindset before heavy lifts? Did you neglect mobility work when you know you need it to improve your positions? Did you go heavy too often and not focus on quality technique?

Here are some things in my own personal lifting I took ownership of and worked to fix, so you have some ideas. I owned my over reliance on straps, so I restricted their usage to only hang and block work. I owned my mobility issues in terms of bottom position, so I began doing extra warmup mobility work and always squatted full depth. I could have chosen to make excuses but I looked within and made a decision.

As a head coach and business owner one recent thing I've been owning is not spending enough time mentoring and training coaches. Now I am working hard and developing plans and spending more time analyzing lifts with my assistant coaches so people can receive great services from people other than me!

In order to improve these things and get better you need take ownership before a plan can be created to move forward and improve!

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