Athlete of the Month: Riley Brown

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April 16, 2024
Athlete of the Month: Riley Brown
Riley Brown Lifting Profile

Coach's Remarks:

Over the past nine months Riley has been nothing but great to work with and watch develop as an athlete and weightlifter. She has all the characteristics of a successful athlete and champion. She is coachable, hard-working, dependable, respectful, and contributes to the fun positive atmosphere of the West Chester Weightlifting team!Because of these traits in nine short months Riley went from snatching 30kg to 62kg, clean and jerking 50kg to 85kg, back squatting 90kg to back squatting 100kg for 5! And since Youth Nationals in June she added 25kg at the American Open this past weekend.Weight class: 58kgHeight: 5’ 2Age: 16What year did you begin weightlifting? February 2016How did you get involved in weightlifting? When Ryan stalked me during a Crossfit classMost exciting moment so far in weightlifting: Being able to snatchFavorite Competition Lift: Clean and jerkFavorite Training Lift: snatchPersonal Goals:

Favorite Book: uhhhhFavorite TV Show or Movie: Grey's Anatomy and prison breakFavorite Song: every songHobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: eating and stalking weightlifting boysMost people don’t know that… I played softball up to 4 months agoTwo Truths and One Lie:

  1. Both of my parents are police
  2. My older sister is a doctor
  3. I used to play 3 instruments

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