Athlete of the Month: Amie Maguire

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April 16, 2024
Athlete of the Month: Amie Maguire


Amie Maguire


Coach's Remarks:

Over the past 2 years Amie has developed into a mature athlete and up-and-coming coach. As an athlete she does everything asked of her and more, she actively takes part in her programming and coaching by providing feedback and about her progress and technique.Beyond being an athlete she has proven herself to be a valuable mentor to many of the younger weightlifters look to for support and help at the gym and in the warmup room.

Weight class:






What year did you begin weightlifting?


How did you get involved in weightlifting?

While being enrolled in a personal training certification program, I was introduced to the olympic lifts. Through connections at my school I met my current coach, Ryan, who told me I should be a weightlifter instead of a powerlifter, which was what I was competing in at the time, because I’m “too fast for powerlifting, and will be good at weightlifting”. Ryan found me as just a baby lifter with merely 2 weeks of Olympic lifting under my belt, and he has trained me ever since.

Most exciting moment so far in weightlifting:

I don’t know that I have a single particular moment, but rather a series of moments throughout my time trainng. Through many setbacks and challenges during my short time weightlifting, I’ve put in enough hard work to qualify for a nationally ranked meet. Knowing that I pushed through some very low times to get where I am is what I hold onto as motivation to become not just a better lifter, but a better coach and trainer as well.

Favorite Competition Lift:

Clean & Jerk

Favorite Training Lift:


Personal Goals:

1. be happy

2. snatch 85kg

3. clean & jerk 105kg

4. back squat 136kg

5. qualify for senior nationals

6. be an international level weightlifter

7. earn a B.S in nutrition and dietetics

Favorite Food: Chocolate chocolate chip muffins

Favorite Book:

Harry Potter series

Favorite TV Show or Movie: Star Wars Saga

Favorite Song: I don’t really have a favorite, but I’m currently listening to the Avril Lavigne pandora radio station

Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting:

I enjoy camping, target shooting, skiing, and just relaxing at home, however, when I’m not training I typically spend my time coaching and training clients at Crossfit West Chester, taking classes in pursuit of a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, building my business, eating enough to actually be a competitive 63kg lifter (so much food, my life is food), and nannying for all the children and puppies.

Most people don’t know that…

When I was 6 years old I made stairs out of the drawers of my dresser. When trying to climb to the top of the dresser, it fell on top of me breaking the TV I shared with my sister that was on top of the dresser. We had a babysitter watching us.

Two Truths and One Lie….

  1. I’m a 4th degree black belt
  2. I was a distance runner for my high school track team
  3. Around age 3, I nearly bit my tongue off after climbing on the bathroom counter, and hitting my chin when I slipped.

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